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Welcome to our store.

We are a creative collective. Driven by Goan females, who are assembled in Canada, United States and Goa.  Our aim is to inspire and represent Goan culture and identity among generations. We noticed a lack of Goan identity and want to bridge the gap from our parents generations to our children by showcasing and highlighting our culture.

We created the ultimate collection of sustainable apparel to express yourself. From streetwear, athleisure, to timeless picnic classics. 

Explore our site, share it with your family and friends, and have a hard laugh as you hear the voices of that one uncle yelling out those Goan sayings, or if you are anything like us, work up your appetite as you crave all the delicious food that one aunty makes at a Goan feast or family function.

We were powered by late night chutney sandwiches and bibinca as we created this brand and website.